Verbier Sports Centre Destroyed By Fire

Verbier Sports Centre Fire
Fire at Verbier Sports Centre (
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Fire broke out at Verbier Sports Centre just after 1pm today, June 9th.

Thankfully no one was hurt in the fire that tore apart the Verbier Sports Centre. The Centre sportif restaurant, indoor pool and ice rink have been burnt to the ground. The rear tennis courts are also burnt, and substantial damage to the new sports hall.

*UPDATE – Sat 10th June*

This morning fire brigade were still spraying water in an attempt to make the area safe for the fire inspectors to investigate.

Verbier sports centre remains(Facebook:


The remains of the sports centre this afternoon with fire brigade still present on site.



It comes at a particularly sad time for Verbier as the Sports Centre was  undergoing extensive renovations.

Renovations and Improvements of the Verbier Sports centre

Videos of the fire show the scale and devastation to the project



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