Valemount Glacier Resort gets go ahead


In August of this year a new ski resort has been given approval in British Columbia, Canada, or at least it’s overall Masterplan has, which outlined the concept and outline plans. Since then on the 15 September the project took the next step forward receiving rezoning approval.


Valemount Glacier Destination is a planned new ski and sightseeing resort located near Jasper National Park, a UNESCO world heritage site. The resort will provide public access to high alpine glaciers for the first time in North America for sightseeing and year-round skiing. Reaching elevations of approximately 3,000 meters Valemount will also feature the largest vertical drop in North America, and one of the largest in the world, as well as some of the longest ski runs in the world. It is a unique and magical location, with large, majestic mountains and glaciers and a huge skiable terrain. The resort village is designed to be compact and environmentally sustainable and is designed in an authentic Canadian Rocky Mountain style. Generously sized and beautiful single family chalet lots will surround the alpine village. An exhilarating lift system has been designed providing spectacular views to sightseers and skiers alike.

Tommaso Oberti of Oberti Resort Design and the Pheidias Group said “Valemount Glacier Destinations will feature some of the most impressive viewpoints for sightseeing in North America. It also opens lift access to one of the best snow zones and reliable climates for snowsports on the continent.” A modern lift system designed for both sightseers and skiers will bring visitors to the summits of Mount Pierre Elliot Trudeau, Twilight Glacier, Glacier Ridge and Mount Arthur Meighen. “It will be a true multi-peak experience surrounded by stunning glaciers,” continues Oberti. “The project embodies the best of B.C. – environmentally sustainable design coupled with some of the best vistas and mountain experiences in the world.”


We look forward to bringing you updates as this exciting development for all year round skiing. More information can be found at Valemount Glaciers

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