Two Speed Ski World Records Set


Two new World Speed Ski Records broken in Vars in France. The Italian speed skier, Ivan Origone, has managed to break his brother’s world record. While the women’s speed record which stood for 10 years has also been broken.

His elder brother, Simone, broke the world record first this weekend as he set a speed of but then Ivan topped that speed actually achieving an amazing speed of 254.958 km per hour. .

The women’s record was broken by Valentina Greggio as she reached a top speed of 247.083 kmph.

Incredibly the sport of speed skiing sees the top racers accelerate from 0 to 200kph in a phenomenal 5.5 seconds. This doesn’t quite match the fastest Formula 1 cars that does it in 4.5 seconds but quicker than a Moto GP motorbike does it in 6.0 seconds, and when you look at the terrain and how little protective gear these skiers wear. It emphasises the amazing courage, perhaps combined with the dare devil psyche that these athletes have.

And we have also been skiing with his brother and former world record holder, Simone Origone, on his Italian home slopes around Champoluc.

The scene is set for future battles between these brothers after last month, Ivan’s brother, Simone Origone, set a new world record of 252.4 kilometers an hour on the slopes of Chabrieres in the French Alps.

For now however it his younger sybling Ivan who is named the fastest man on earth on snow. Amazingly at 27-year-old Italian ihas been one of the world’s top speed skiers since his youth, setting a junior world record of 250 kilometers an hour in 2006. Where will it end

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