Snow Express to Serre Chevalier

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There are many ways to get to Serre Chevalier for your ski holiday, including with tour operators or independently using flight and transfer, but few automatically consider the bus option.  If you are an independent skier or snowboarder, then this year you should consider the inexpensive alternative.

Snow Express

This year the new “Snow Express” service will allow you to connect between Paris and Serre Chevalier/ Briançon and you can do this on one bus.  This will allow you to catch the Eurostar to Paris and then transfer 30 minutes across the city by minibus taxi to a bus (coach) and get to ski resorts you wouldn’t normally otherwise be able to visit without either a flight or by driving.

Screenshot 2017 11 28 Porte Maillot to Eurostar Paris

The service departs from the Paris bus station in Porte Maillot at 9.45pm at night to arrive in the resort destinations from 6:40am depending which village in the ski area you are travelling to. The first stop is Monetier, followed by Villeneuve at 6:55am, Chantemerle by 7:00am and finishing with the last stop in Briançon at 7:15am. So, if you have pre-arranged storage of your luggage , once you get to the resort, you can be skiing in the morning of the day you arrive.

The route is direct, so no changes are required between Paris and your destination. With the prices starting from 74 euros each way for adults and 54 euros for children over 3 years old, under 3 travel free, this is a very reasonable priced way to travel. Of course, like the train you use for the first part of the journey taking ski and snowboard equipment doesn’t add to your cost either.

The Snow Express service is run by Imbert Autocars and uses Mercedes Gran Tour buses, pictured above. They come with reclining, couchettes seats, comfortable for sleeping your journey away. They run with two drivers, experienced on the mountain routes you will travel.

Screenshot 2017 11 28 Transports en autocar dans les Alpes du Sud avec Imbert Autocars bus

You can find out more about travelling to Serre Chevalier by train and bus at Serre Chevalier’s website or at  NeigeExpress.

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