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The Rest of the World on here includes the resorts in South America as well as Australia and New Zealand. Being in the Southern Hemisphere these resorts have their season the months of June through to September and therefore often see very few but the most dedicated Northern Hemisphere skiers and snowboarders.


With 95 ski resorts shared across the 4 main countries offer a wide range of conditions and challenges, but certainly in 2017 don’t lack the modern developments offered across Europe and North America.

In total there is 1,555 km of ski slopes and the highest resort reaches 3,670 m in height. To service these there are 490 ski lifts.


We are planning to start launching the ski resort guides during April 2017 in the Southern Hemisphere, ready for planning your next ski and snowboard trip. Over the 8 months leading to the start of the ski season we will be adding new resorts every week, so subscribe to be kept up to date with whats happening on


So please bear with us as our small team work extremely hard to bring you what will become the most comprehensive and usable guide to choosing your resort and booking your holiday or vacation.

Below are the countries we will be covering, and we will be adding ski resorts in over the next few months so why not subscribe and get regular updates as our new resorts go live.








New Zealand


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