Operation Mountain Clean-Up – Alpe D’Huez

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Last year, there were about 70 volunteers decked out in gloves and carrying rubbish bags and litter tongs clearing up litter thrown on pavements and elsewhere around the village of Alpe d’Huez. Over 800 kg of litter was collected over one morning.

This year again, on Friday 26 April  “Operation Mountain Clean-Up”  is counting on a good turnout of volunteers  (locals, second residences, seasonal workers, retail workers, community members…) to come along to clean up the resort ridding it of its litter, plastic, glass bottles, cigarette butts and other more unusual objects before the summer season starts up.

Once the snow has melted and the lovely spring weather is here, the landscape reveals the undesirable rubbish left behind by holidaymakers. To bring the mountains back to their original splendour, 7 areas are gone over with a fine-tooth comb throughout the day as volunteers do their bit for civil responsibility – great news!    As the years go by, there is less and less litter to collect.

Alpe DHuez litter clean up mountain road
Volunteers cleaning up the road to Alpe D’Huez last year! ©Cyrille-Quintard
  • To participate, meet up at 7.30am on Friday 26th April at the technical department of the townhall in Alpe d’Huez
  • There will be a barbecue for participants to enjoy to conclude their litter-clearing morning at 12:30pm
  • For more information and to sign up to help contact Emmanuel Garrabos / emmanuel.garrabos@mairie-alpedhuez.fr / 04 76 11 21 21

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