North America

North America is the home to two major skiing countries… USA & Canada! Both bursting with breath-taking ski areas and facilities. 

A  trans-atlantic journey will provide you many options to explore ski resorts less familiar to the British skiing public. Some huge names in the ski world Whistler BC, Canada and Vail CO, USA to name but two will give you very magical, yet very different experience to skiing across Europe. Surprisingly North America makes up less than 10% of the UK ski market meaning most of you out there have never explored it slopes!!

So if you are looking for resorts filled with native english speaking instructors? Or the the abundance of fresh powder offered in many North American ski resorts maybe USA or Canada are the destinations for you!

Ski Resorts North America

In our initial launch we have included 50 ski resorts which we have selected from across Europe and North America. These will provide you a varied choice for your next ski or snowboard holiday. The list of ski resort guides will then be continuing to grow throughout the season!

When searching for your perfect ski resort we give you 2 options. Search & Explore…… You are currently in the Explore section allowing you to browse by country and explore the resorts it has on offer! This is a great option if you have an idea of a particular country you are looking to visit. If you are more open to searching for the ideal resort for YOU then take our Resort Search for a spin…. it may provide you some surprising results!!

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