Italian ski Resorts get the go ahead to open for the 2021/22 season

italian ski resorts
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It was great to hear the good news on Friday that Italian ski resorts are all set to open for the 2021/22 season.

An indication that this ski season is looking more amd more promising with the announcement by the Italian Government, that from 15 October, ski resorts will be able to operate ski lifts in their resorts. And the statement allows for both enclosed lifts, as well as open ones, so it won’t just be chairlifts, but also gondolas and cable cars as well.

In order for skiers and snowboarders to use the lifts they will have to have an EU green pass, which means they have been double vaccinated. This also means for UK skiers with double vaccination travellers will fall under the same regulations. These rules apply to anyone over 12 years old for this winter. So, it appears travel to Italian ski resorts will be open to most UK skiers this season.

Italian ski resorts

The regulations say open lifts, such as chairlifts are allowed to run at full capacity, while enclosed lifts, gondolas and cable cars have to operate at 80% capacity and when moving have to have the windows open.  In all cases people will be required to wear face masks.

Also the Italian government have asked ski resorts to encourage skiers to buy their lift passes online rather then at ticket offices, in order to reduce the amount of queuing and grouping together of people .

It’s great news that UK skiers are going to get the opportunity of enjoying being able to ski in Italy this season.

 Thanks to Sauzeonline for some of information we used to share this important news.

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