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Imagine for your next ski holiday

Having 100’s of ski resorts to choose from

Seeing 1000’s of places to stay to choose from in each resort

Paying less for your holiday

Getting cashback at the end of your holiday

All on one simple to use App

Help us make this happen.

Our story:

Snowresort came about through the frustration of the founders.  We were spending hours, sometimes days, researching our  ski holidays.  The alternative was to use a holiday company and spend much more.  So we figured we could improve on this.

Ski tour operators haven’t changed the way they allow you to plan and book your holiday in years. In fact, choice has reduced. They are selling you what they want, not what’s best for you.

We started by asking you at the London Ski Show , what would make it easier for you to plan your trips to the mountains.  Then we built the website, bringing you masses of helpful information about ski resorts, handy guides, and lots of ideas to help you plan.

Then we introduced  booking, for accommodation, transfers and ski hire.

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So why help us?

  • Most ski holiday companies offer you at most 50 ski resorts to choose from. We will offer 250 resorts.
  • Instead of 10 or 20 choices of accommodation in each resort we will offer 1000’s 
  • By cutting out the costs of the ski companies our way saves you money!  Over 85% of the time you will save up to 40%
  • Our simple membership scheme allows you to benefit from special discounts
  • Premium members receive cashback at the end of your holiday
  • All of this at a click of button

Come and join us and start the Ski Revolution!!!


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