How to choose the right ski resort for you


Snowresort is new and we have planned to be useful in 2016 and beyond, so you will find a lot more information about each ski resort than you will find elsewhere, even in many cases than the resorts official website.

Why? Because the team at Snowresort got tired of misleading unhelpful information about a resort and even ending up in the wrong resort or in the wrong accommodation in the right resort.

So to make it simple we have created a ski resort guide that not only provides everything in one place, but we hope you find easy to use. So here’s a few tips to help you navigate our guide

  1. Use the “Choose A Ski Resort” then click on the country you’re thinking of visiting and there’s your list of resorts.
  2. Ski resorts listed A-Z, but on the right hand side you will see a list of options e.g. Family friendly, Party town, etc. If you select one of these symbols it will give you a list of resorts in that category.
  3. Once you have clicked on a resort you will see an introduction and then lots of images and categories which will take you through the detail of all the different facilities and services as well as skiing/snowboarding information.
  4. If you want to compare 3 or 4 or more ski  resorts you will see a button at the top of the ski resort front page “open in new tab” if you click this you can have as many resort in your browser along side each other and click between them.
  5. The simply choose a resort.

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