Eurotunnel offer for brexit 29 march


With the ever present concerns over 29 March, Eurotunnel have offered guarantees to encourage people to continue buying crossings.

They say, they have recognised that with all the press coverage and uncertainty around Brexit, that they want to give people a reason to travel. So as they said in their press release “we want to give you absolute reassurance that we’re Brexit -ready”

So what does this mean?

Eurotunnel shuttles will be running as normal throughout the period, regardless of the form Brexit takes. So they have added a “Brexit promise” to encourage people to feel they have flexibility in case of any worries. Therefore, we understand, that even their fixed, no amendment/refund crossing prices will benefit from this temporary protection.

Eurotunnel promise is :

“Enjoy our existing flexible booking benefits:

✓ Free booking amendments up to 24 hours before your departure time if you’re travelling in the same direction and we have space available

✓ 24/7 service so we can put you on the next available crossing if you’re running late*

We’re now happy to go a step further with our new Brexit-ready promise. Book before 28th February for travel between 14th March and 30th September and enjoy…

✓ Free cancellation up to 7 days before you travel

✓ A full refund on linked pet bookings and insurance policies when you cancel**”

We think this looks like a good offer to give people peace of mind and the flexibility to change last minute if they are worried.

However, in the event our politicians cant get their act together, a word of warning regardless of what Eurotunnel do there is likely to be delays, so if you are travelling on or after 29 March, get there as early as allowed and check the BBC and/or Sky News, for updates.

Is it me or does this feel like another Millennium bug, also known as Y2K issue. We are left completely in the dark until it happens!

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