France is the number 1 ski destination amongst British skiers and snowboarders! 


Ski resorts by region

Screenshot Southern Alps Map

Southern Alps

This is where Alpine and Mediterranean cultures combine to give this region a character of its own, a typically southern way of life. Here, the high mountain resorts blend in with the charming old villages. An attractive cocktail of snow, ski and sun that you cannot fail to enjoy.

Map of Northern Alps I|n France

Northern Alps

The Northern Alps have everything you’d expect to find in the mountains, from large international resorts to delightful villages. Here, with the downhill slopes, the interconnected resorts, the kilometres of Nordic ski tracks and the well-maintained and marked out hiking trails, there is something for everyone: ski enthusiasts, snow sports lovers and those who just want to relax.

Map of Pyrenees in France


  Between France and Spain, between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, the Pyrenees offer many contrasting views. Whether you prefer old, well conserved villages or ultra-modern ski resorts, snow and ice sports or spa centres, the Pyrenees have something for everyone.  

regions france massifcentral

Massif Central

The largest stretch of volcanos in Europe, this region will show you a different sort of mountain. 

Map of Jura in France


  Vast glittering spaces, cross-country trails winding through the pine trees, the winter atmosphere in the Jura is calm and serene.

Ski Areas

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