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It is that time of year, that we all start talking to our skiing to  friends,  family and even work colleagues, about the possibility of heading out for our annual ski trip. In many instances this can consist of a group of eight or more people skiing together, which often falls to one or maybe two of the participants, to actually organise the ski holiday.

So are you the one who has to suffer that headache of trying to make a great trip for all your friends or family.  It doesn’t matter whether you are an experienced group, beginners or of mixed ability, regardless of your numbers there The best deals will take a lot of time and planning. At,  we  endeavour to provide you with ideas and information on resorts and accommodation suitable for any level of group.

Choosing a great ski holiday

When you are choosing the holiday destination for your group for the coming season, you will often find that the same names come up. This is certainly a good starting point and will allow you to compare them with other alternatives in our future articles about group skiing. This is because you will be able to use our search filters to pick your exact requirements.

Top 5 large ski resorts groups:

Alpe d’huez – France

Les Deux Alpes – France

Méribel – France

St Anton – Austria

Soldeu – Andorra

There are many more choices available to you, which will be covered properly in future articles, but in the meantime just try searching for group on ski resort guides.

Here are some tips for organising a great group ski holiday:

– Start by persuading your group to have sensible realistic expectations.

– Set a realistic budget and make sure that all your group accept and enters into this.

– If you accepted the role as group organiser, then take that on properly and make decisions which will not always be popular with your group.

– Plan early and avoid getting caught up in late bookings and last minute decisions.

– Make sure you get the confirmation from all skiers that want to travel with your group.

– Once the group numbers are finalised push everybody to provide as much information as you can get to create a list of plan

– Like any group, a ski group of friends or family will not see eye to eye on everything, so don’t over plan keep it straightforward where ever that is possible.

– Try not to have a group with mixed skiing abilities, particularly where there is a huge gap in level between the best and the worst of the skiers in your group. If you do you’re likely to see boredom and frustration on the part of the cost  of skiing in the group and disappointment and sometimes annoyance with the least capable skiers.

– Think about making reservations for restaurants in your resort ahead of time, unless you are travelling on a full board basis with the tour operator.

– If a number of your group are planning to have lessons, or improvement training, it is worth considering private lessons with a single instructor, who you organise and book prior to leaving.

The cost of a group skiing holiday can vary considerably, based on the type of accommodation you are planning to use. However this can be mitigated to some extent by looking around carefully and while going on a catered basis with the tour operator may seem simple and advantageous, it is worthwhile considering a more independent approach if your numbers are sufficient and arranging self catering which will save money. Doing it this way it’s not nearly as stressful as it may appear if you plan early, and will undoubtedly save a group hundreds of pounds.

Enjoyment of a shared activity with friends or family is definitely an experience most people, once tried, often want to repeat. Just remember it is all in the planning and we can hopefully help you simplify finding information you need, are using our resort guides.

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