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©Chalet Spa Verbier
©Chalet Spa Verbier

When you are considering staying in a chalet for your ski holiday there are quite a number of factors you need to consider. Understanding the types of ski holiday and how they vary country by country, region to region, may help you make more informed decisions.

What type of ski chalets are there

There are a number of variations of chalets and the types of holidays that they offer you. In Europe ski chalet holidays are the most popular type of holidays, taken by UK skiers, although they are also available to a lesser extent and also America, and these tend not to be so popular with UK travellers.

Whether travelling independently or with the tour operator ski chalets are available across a number of countries. The most popular in Austria, France and Switzerland, although there are available in Italy and Andorra, however in those two countries they are not the preferred form of accommodation

The two main types are catered chalet and self catering. The look and facilities of these will be very similar and will only really vary according to their star rating, which is often used in a similar way to star ratings in hotels. It should be Born in mind that with chalets the system is not regulated, so one Shali three stars could be another another’s to star rating.

However tour operators,  reputable booking agencies and property management companies, they do seem to endeavour to operate common standards,, which can avoid problems when you are comparing and obviously with review systems, social media  and published feedback these days Make it essential they tried to be as honest as possible.

Yeah we will explain these two types of chalets and we will go on to cover the variations on the other now available in many ski resorts.

Catered ski chalets

Unless you are planning to book an entire ski chalet you can look at catering one in as Similar to a more personalised boutique hotel. In large parts of the Alps and Pyrenees this time is the first choice of catered accommodation I ahead of hotels. The only exception is in the Italian ski resorts, Which we will cover in a future article.

What will be included in most ski chalets?

You will Usually With a catered  ski holiday package, it will include at least breakfast and evening meal, therefore similar to half board. However with catered chalet is you can expect the addition of afternoon tea at the end of the skin day, as well as extras such as wine with your dinner. Some packages even include the option of a packed lunch. The level of catering in the number of staff will depend on the size of the chalet. Breakfasts vary between Continental and Full cooked versions.

Chalets usually have a one or two communal dining table is set up and have just one sitting. The norm is that you have one evening without a meal to go out and explore the local restaurants. This allows of the staff to have a night off.

What chalet accommodation choices are there?

For most ski resorts catered chalets Will start from sleeping 6 to reaching beds are well I will fit 20 people. So the vast majority of cases skiers and snowboarders will be booking one or two rooms for them and their families. However it is also possible to book whole chalets as a group. You may find with many tour operators and chalet owners if you are travelling independently,  that they will give  favourable discounts with group bookings, so it’s always worth asking.

Catered ski chalet holidays are a very sociable way to ski, offering a more friendly personalised service and you would expect the hotel. Many people will tell you that it is relatively stressfree. However it is generally a more expensive holiday.

Self catered chalets

Choosing a self catering option can be a cheaper way of staying in this type of accommodation. Self catering obviously means that your rent just the accommodation and sort your own meals, whether this is cooking in your chalet or going out for lunch or the majority of your food. Would you have a choice or combination of them that you choose, you control your budget more then with the self catered chalet.

One exception to this, that has appeared over the last few years, is what is best described as partially catered. It can offer a good balance, simplifying the start of this game day by providing breakfast. Then giving the freedom of choosing where you eat at night. If you are travelling independently as a group it is always worth asking for ski chalet owner or the agent about having partially  catered as an option.

Ski chalet charm convenience

When it’s snowing outside and you have a glass of wine in your hand, being in a timber chalet with a roaring log fire, and doubted Lee enhances the pleasure of anyone ski holiday. Add to this, that there are many ski chalets in the in the ski in ski out category and they definitely offer you a superb opportunity to experience hasslefree skiing and snowboarding. I don’t like many others holiday types this can be done even as a family and still see the parents relax.

Luxury ski chalets

Luxury is a much dude word in the world whiskey holidays. In truth mostly holidays costing less than 1500 £2000 per person should not be categorised as electricity travel. However, luxury asking to go together as much as you can find in any sector of the travel industry. And how luxurious does depend on your budget.

To cover the ski luxury ski chalets No is doing a number of articles about luxury ski holidays and it will be included in that.

How do chalet hotel is compare?

Chalet hotels are as the name describes a crossover between chalets and hotels. Some are run by local owners, others and probably the majority are run by tour operators. They provide the same homely feel of a smaller chalet. Generally they are more relaxed than normal hotel having the atmosphere that chalet is generally cracked. The other benefit that unlike chalets they are likely to be more flexible with dining options.

Mostly hotels sleep 25+ people and offer a range of standards of room accommodation. They are suitable accommodation for groups  and families. But while they can accommodate couples they are not necessarily the best choice for them.

So in conclusion chalets offer a wide range of options to suit most skiers and snowboarders. Catered chalets are generally the more expensive choice when compared With self catered ones. However this can be mitigated by looking for offers made by tour operators and Shaleigh booking agents. On a ski resort guide we provide regular updated list of holiday offers such as those in Les Ark (advert link) and this should enable you to find the best deals if you fancy trying a catered package.

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