Best Alpine Delicacies

Alpine delicacies
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Nothing makes your ski adventure more memorable than sampling the finest dishes the mountains have to offer! Here are my favourite from my travels around the globe.




A swiss cheese worshipping dish, the raclette cheese itself is a large half semi-soft wheel that is melted by heating the cut side with flame or heat lamp.

You then scrape the cheese onto the plate as it melts, smothering boiled potatoes in oozing golden cheese. Usual raclette accompaniments are small gherkins, silver skin onions, and cured meats.




This french alpine staple provides your body all the fuel it could ever need for a long hard day on the hill and some. This calorific mountain is a mix of smoked bacon lardons, onions, garlic, waxy sliced potatoes, all smothered in the creamy melted nutty reblochon cheese. This is a personal favourite for me, always serving to curb my cheese addiction. Far from a dish steeped in history, tartiflette only became an alpine mainstay in the 80s.



cheese fondue

Sometimes the humble fondue can divide opinion, but we believe no self respecting skier could resist sampling a classic cheese fondue. Whether it be blended with white wine, beer, or even cider, it is a pretty simple dish of cheese and alcohol…… So why the disdain? What could be more alpine then sharing food, booze, and great conversation over a steaming fondue pot. Even if you are just dipping bread into cheese.


For a twist try a meat fondue, simply cooking your sliced of meat in a pot of hot oil with friends.


Tiroler Grostl

tiroler grostl

The ultimate Austrian dish in my eyes, much like the british have bubble and squeak, the Tiroleans have Tiroler Grostl. Combining the magic of the of the local sausage, bacon/speck or whatever leftover meat they may have in the fridge, onions, garlic, waxy potatoes and topped with fried eggs. It’s great to enjoy in a mountain restaurant or make it yoursel back in your apartment with the local ingredients. Don’t forget a sprinkle of paprika.



Another Austrian classic traditionally using veal beaten as flat as possible before breading and shallow frying. Simple, classic, tasty!



A German institution, of curried bratwurst type sausage, with the most amazing curry sauce smothering. Traditionally served with crusty bread roll or fries it’s not only a delicious mountain dish but great fuel for those long runs. It’s so popular the Germans even serve Currywurst at train stations.



Sweet Treats



Simply a light steamed dumpling with a plum jam surprise filling. Vanilla sauce is the poured over the germknodel and a dusting of an icing sugar and poppy seed mix applied. Your time in Austria would not be complete without the pudding.



Apple/Apfel Strudel

The most well known of Austrian desserts needs little introduction, simply put it is a delight of apples, spices like cinnamon & nutmeg wrapped inside a filo type pastry. Sounds simple but yet so perfect, topped off with a generous helping of vanilla sauce.



Basically chopped up sweet pancake, dusted with icing sugar, simple, tasty, simple…. did I say that already?


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