About Us

Snowresort is a new concept, devised and being developed to make it easier to choose where to ski, choose a resort and plan your holiday.  We are  a group of skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts, not ski industry specialists, who decided we were sick of spending too much time struggling to plan our ski trips. To us, in the age of Facebook, Twitter, comparison websites and many digital travel tools, there had to be a better way to make the planning easier. And so Snowresort began. It is still in it’s infancy, as we approach the 2017/18 ski season, but over the next year it will become the most comprehensive and helpful ski resource there is!

So how does our concept work?

How often have you discovered the perfect restaurant or the greatest ski run (only) on your last day in a ski resort, we have, far too often!  So, we decided to change it, but not just for us, for everyone. 

So Snowresort aims to help you choose your resort with a combination of comprehensive information, helpful maps and easy to use website and as this all  grows,  we hope this will be supported  by your reviews and experiences. Our information is not just on the skiing, weather and the lifts in the resort. Not even a summary of what we think of the resort. With Snowresort we are including detailed information about restaurants, cafes, bars, childcare, taxis, ATMs, what’s happening in the resort, non-ski activities there are and much more.  We hope this level of detail can help make it possible even on  the first day to find that perfect restaurant. Or when you’re exhausted after a hard day on the slopes, just check Snowresort and there it is ….. a  takeaway pizza restaurant just around the corner, so you can just eat and crash out.  That’s what Snowresort is about.

But before you worry about where you going to eat, you need to  find the right ski resort for you and that’s the first place Snowresort is intended to help.  By giving you more detailed information, not summaries, you can get a feel for each resort you are considering, but without a dozen fruitless google searches.  This is made easier because all the information will be in one place… here, with every resort guide being in the one identical format.  This is also made easier by being able to open your shortlist of resorts next to each other in multiple tabs on your browser and compare all the key factors in an easy way. That’s what Snowresort is about.

Having chosen the resort, Snowresort goes further, just go to our ski holiday section and see a massive choice of tour operators offering a huge range of holiday packages allowing you to get just what you want. Or if you’re a more independent traveler have a  look at our Accommodation section in each resort and see the huge selection of apartments, catered or self-catering chalets and hotels, you can choose from.  All starting in one location, Snowresort.  

So you can consider all your options and select the right option for you. 

In fact, if Snowresort has got it right you should find that perfect restaurant or spot to ski on your first or second day instead of the last. It should help you become familiar with your holiday destination far quicker than normal.

 We are not going to make the claim we are the only website you’ll need when planning skiing holiday, but we do believe Snowresort will always be one of the key places you go every time you are planning your skiing and snowboarding.

So here we are at the start of this adventure in October 2017 with a handful of ski resorts at launch, but, building up during the 2017/18 season to well over 50 and then by summer 2018, 200 plus resorts in unmatched detail.  By then all Snowresort Members will be able to benefit from lots of discounts and special deals not available elsewhere. Oh and did we tell membership will be free to anyone joining before Christmas 2017.

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